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m. kawaishi- shihan, was one of the early judo masters who introduced judo into europe, also [self defense, jujitsu], and an explanation of judo katas, and he also developed a system of numbering judo throws, groundwork ect. alongside their japanese names. this system was used by prof. strauss and others in teaching judo techniques. m.kawaishi was technical director of the french judo federation, he was also a pioneer in closing the gap between westerners, and japanese judo/jujitsu and culture

Above is a list of nage waza [throwing techniques] according to M Kawaishi shihan, and used and modified by prof strauss, and was his [core judo style], and there is also, katame waza, shime waza, and kwansetsu waza in the Kawaishi system

                                                       KAWAISHI JUDO  [MODIFIED}


kawaishi shihan, was in European jujitsu/judo history, one of the great teachers, and did what very few, had done sucessfully before him. [japanese judoka], and that was to explain judo from a personal perspective, as someone from his native japan, who was willing to impart knowledge to westerners, otherwise unavailable to them, and one of those was prof strauss, who embraced much of the Kawaishi judo system [modified], into his own.

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angie graham | Reply 22.11.2011 11.36

I had the pleasure in knowing all these people 30 years + ago

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22.11 | 11:36

I had the pleasure in knowing all these people 30 years + ago

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