the australian goshinjutsu-ido society

Welcome, In the following pages you will find information on the arts we practice, which are, kakuto Goshinjutsu, Ido, hanbo jutsu, kuatsu, and kakuto Taiho jutsu, and, the authentic history of Ido-Kan, and the Ido system.

The AGJ-IS, has total autonomy, and we are an independent society.

the path taken in any of the martial arts, must always begin with a search for the truth, and end with a peaceful and spiritual mind, and skill in combat

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06.07 | 22:16

Watching and living it makes a great teacher as well as the man who nurtured made sure it's became instinct there's no higher commendations than that..

26.06 | 14:22

Thank you for the kind words you have written.
And yes Angela and Tania I know how much knowledge you have retained.
May the Society have a great future.

20.06 | 17:07

Me too... Me too....

09.12 | 21:30

Hello i have a 10 year old son who would like to do judo can you inform of the cost and location, class times in Healesville.

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